Pleasant meetings

At Hotel Åre Fjällsätra you confer in a calm and sweet environment with a view of the entire Södra Årefjälen. We serve homemade food, Swedish go-fika, conference equipment and technical support.

You can choose from 4 different conference rooms, with space for 6 - 100 people.

How does the new Pandemic Act affect group & conference activities in hotels?

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The whole Åre Fjällsätra
is a meeting place

Together in the conference room, or divided into small groups.
In the sun on the porch or in the shade of our greenhouse. Find the optimal conference room here at Hotell Åre Fjällsätra!


You also have the opportunity to conference completely undisturbed, as the entire hotel can be booked and used only by you. We have traditional conference rooms, and as a conference guest you also have access to the public spaces that are available. Wireless Internet (fiber) is available throughout the hotel and in the garden.

Many people also choose to use the nature as a conference room, either through walk-and-talk or by placing the meeting in one of our "conservatories" in the garden.

Åre Fjällsätra was built in the 1930s and has since been a meeting place for both companies and individuals.

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Our conference rooms

We have four conference rooms where we offer a projector, wireless Internet (500 mbit), whiteboard, flip-chart, paper, pens, fruit, something sweet & water.

All our conference rooms are adapted for the disabled and have a hearing aid installed.

In the hotel and in the restaurant there is the possibility to use our common areas as well as the porch and greenhouse, if you wish to sit and work in small groups.

The accommodation

Åre Fjällsätra offers a total of 41 rooms. These are divided into 3 single rooms, 4 family rooms and double rooms and 34 double rooms, a total of 92 beds. The rooms are personally decorated with views of the mountains and our garden. We have several balconies that extend around the house, where you can snuggle in our lovely outdoor furniture. Indoors we have several public areas where you can sit and socialize after dinner. If more beds are needed, extra beds can be easily set up and we collaborate with other players in the local area.

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Wine & Dine

There are many talented growers & producers in the area, and we want to work with these as much as possible. We take care of raw materials from our garden, from the forest, the lake and the mountain as much as possible. As far as possible, our raw materials are organic.

The following is included during a full-day conference with us:

  • Morning coffee with coffee / tea & sandwich

  • Today's lunch with large salad buffet, home-baked bread & butter, a good starter soup, two main courses, water & meal drinks, coffee / tea & cake

  • Afternoon coffee with coffee / tea & home-baked coffee


  • Two-course dinner with bread, butter and table water
    Of course, it is also possible to order wine, beer, non-alcoholic drink - by the glass or bottle.

    In our reception / bar it is possible to order wine, beer, avec, drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, coffee & tea.

    Our breakfast buffet consists of sourdough bread from Maja's pantry, good bread rolls, eggs, cereals of various kinds, fresh fruit and waffles with jam and cream. Breakfast on weekdays at 07:30 - 09:30. On weekends, breakfast is served from 08:00 until 10:00.

    For special requests, just talk to us, we are flexible.

Our conference packages

Feel free to read more about our various conference packages below. Of course, we also tailor other conference packages based on your specific needs.

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How does the Pandemic Act affect conferences & events in hotels

What about restrictions with the new pandemic law and restrictions for restaurants & hotels? Åre Fjällsätra as a conference facility and restaurant is not covered by the restrictions of a maximum of eight participants. Read more about the County Administrative Board's clarification here.

The County Administrative Boards have now, after dialogue with the Public Health Agency, made assessments and clarifications which entail the following:

Course and conference activities at hotels and conference facilities are not covered by the Pandemic Act and thus not by the requirement to limit a maximum of eight participants at private gatherings according to ch. § 1 of the ordinance (2021: 8) on special restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease covid-19 (the restriction ordinance).

If a course or conference at a hotel or a conference facility were to be judged to be a public gathering within the meaning of the Public Order Act, it is covered by the Pandemic Act and thus also by the requirements for limiting the number of participants (currently no more than eight) at public gatherings and public events. Chapter 3 in the Restriction Regulation.

The meaning of the above is that it is possible to arrange courses and conferences for companies, associations and other private associations at hotel and conference facilities, even with more than eight participants. A course or conference that is aimed at the general public - and is not held for, for example, a company, an association or another closed company - or to which the public has access may, on the other hand, be regarded as a general meeting with a limit of no more than eight participants. rules.

If course and conference activities are held in premises that constitute a restaurant, the provisions on temporary infection control measures at restaurants and the Public Health Agency's regulations in connection with that Act apply. This means, among other things, that guests must sit down with food and drink, that a maximum of four people may sit down together and that parties must be able to keep at least one meter distance from other parties.

At restaurants, it is also allowed to arrange other private gatherings such as, wedding parties and funeral coffee with more than 8 people, as long as the congestion rules that apply to usual restaurant activities are followed.