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We who own and run Åre Fjällsätra are My Ernevi & Wille Lindberg. Before we came here to Undersåker, in the summer of 2018, we ran a Fjord lodge in the great Hardanger fjord in Norway. After about two great years there, we started looking for something equally personal, but something bigger - in Sweden. We found Åre Fjällsätra!

We look forward to welcoming you here to our mountain idyll - all year round.

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More about Wille Lindberg

Wille is not only the hotel's most efficient emplyee and father, he is also a professional extreme skier. He has belonged to the world elite in Freeride skiing for over a decade and has sailed across the Norwegian Sea in the middle of winter.

Wille gives lectures linked to this and his skiing career and how the mental preparations are A and O if you are to succeed. Feel free to grab him at the hotel if you are interested in hearing more.

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Hotel Åre Fjällsätra
A personal hotel with the nature in focus

Åre Fjällsätra is a hotel dating back to the late 1920's.
Each decade has left its mark on both the house and the garden and it is something we are proud of and intend to continue with.
We are open all year round and have a total of 41 rooms, divided into mostly double rooms but also some family rooms with up to six beds. Of course we also have pet friendly rooms - we love pets!

We are constantly improving the hotel and we are renovating the different rooms as we go along. This spring, the focus is on building a new sauna outdoors and letting animals move into the garden.

We want the atmosphere here at Åre Fjällsätra to be cozy and familiar and it should feel like you have come home.


Our goal is to give you as a guest an inspiring and harmonious experience with good food and good service and we are very grateful for your feedback on how we can make your experience even better :)

The history of Åre Fjällsätra

In the early 1930's, Fjällsätra was a timber lodge.
The lodge was later sold for SEK 12,000 to two ladies who converted it into a guest house. The guests usually arrived here by train and were called "air guests" and "flower walkers".


A European from the Alps named Seefried, bought the guest house just before World War II. Seefried loved Viennese waltz and had the grand piano room (now entrance) as a dance hall. He was the one who painted the ornaments in the restaurant and salon. His daughter Anna has been visiting ever since and handed over the old cash books that show the price level of that time.

Seefreid was married to the Mannerheim family, which explains why many Finnish children stayed at Fjällsätra during the war.

After the war, the facility was sold to a foundation within the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and then operated as a convalescent home until 1993 when the foundation went bankrupt.


In 1997, Solweig and Urban Widholm bought the hotel, and on their own and with small funds, they equipped the guest house to become a cozy and personal hotel with a shower and toilet in each room.

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