Wedding & Party

We love weddings, and especially parties!
Hotell Åre fjällsätra is located like an oasis, in the middle of the Jämtland mountain world.
With perfect proximity to both Åre, Trillevallen, the entire Vålådalen and surroundings and with only 300 meters from the train station in Undersåker, this is a perfect place to invite the best people in life.
Here you and your guests can also explore lots of exciting and fun activities together.

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Suggestions & prices for this weekend's party arrangement


The day before D-day

Here we can arrange everything from a barbecue buffet, a lighter summer buffet or grilled ham / veg burgers. It all depends on how you want it.

The price is from SEK 100 - SEK 230 / person depending on the desired raw materials and dish. An alternative may be to let the guests pay on Friday themselves, but it is entirely up to you how you wish to do.



Bridal bowl (bubble)


If you want something to chew on for the bridal bowl, we will of course solve it


Two mini skewers with melon and air-dried ham SEK 55 / pp

Two small canapés from the mountain & forest 75: - / pp


dinner Structure

- The starter is on the table when the guests come to the table

- The main course is served on a plate by the serving staff.

- The dessert is served on the table after a suggested break.


If you instead want a wedding cake for the coffee, we will be happy to put you in touch with a good confectioner.


The envelope fee is calculated on you / your guests booking at least 80% of our 41 rooms this weekend. In this way, the room becomes completely private, all weekend. If your guests do not book accommodation at Åre Fjällsätra, this offer does not apply and the price will be on the last page according to the matrix.


This is included in your envelope fee

- Bridal bowl (1 glass sparkling with the possibility of refilling for SEK 75)

- Starter + 1 glass of wine)

- Main course + 1 glass of wine with refill

- Dessert

- Room for dance & bar service 12.00–02.00

Table setting & cleaning

- 2 h consultation


Your price: NOK 795 / envelope

Flowers & flower arrangements will be added.


If you do not want dessert, but instead your own brought cake, the price will be: SEK 775 / envelope

Of course, we help to display the cake for the coffee if you choose it.


As for decoration and / or own flowers etc. you are welcome to bring your own if you wish, alternatively we can arrange this for you at an extra cost.


Coffee / tea & acec 4 cl

125 kr

Coffee / tea without avec
25 kr



- Puddle-in-pan with ketchup, mustard & pickled beets - and a glass of milk on it. 35 kr / pp

- Pizza slices from homemade pizza, SEK 19 each


We are happy to come back with suggestions for a full dinner menu, but our concept is good and good locally produced food.



If you are still thirsty for the drink package, you can choose to either have a free bar, offer guests drink tickets where you are responsible for part of the cost of the drink or a bar where the guest pays.



If you want a wonderful joint brunch on Sunday, in addition to the regular breakfast buffet, we will of course fix it. Price: SEK 180 / person (+ SEK 60 for those who already live at the hotel)

Våra bokningsvillkor

Vi tar en förskottsbetalning på 20% av totalbeloppet i och med bokningstillfället. Denna summa är ej återbetalningsbar.

Efter det ska ytterligare 50% (då totalt 70% av totalsumman) betalas in, fyra månader före ankomst. 100% av totalsumman ska vara betald senast en månad före ankomst.

Vid avbokning tidigare än tre månader före ankomst, betalas 80% av totalsumman tillbaka. Vid avbokning mindre än tre månader före ankomst, betalas 0% tillbaka.

Minskning av gästantal
Definitivt antal gäster enligt gästlista lämnas 30 dagar innan ankomst; minskning 10% av gästantalet utan kostnad fram till 2 veckor innan. Mindre än 2 veckor innan, full debitering av antal anmälda gäster.

The wedding package

  • Bridal bowl - a glass of sparkling wine

  • Wedding menu (Three course)

  • A glass of wine for starters

  •   A glass of wine with a refill for the main course

  • Table setting & cleaning

  • 2 h consultation

  • Flowers & flower arrangements will be added.  


Price fr. SEK 795 | per person

for a party of at least 72 overnight stays


In case of fewer guests, please contact
us for price information.


Åre Fjällsätra has a total of 92 beds, in 41 hotel rooms.

We have the opportunity to exhibit 12 extra beds so that you have the opportunity to stay a total of 104 people in the hotel.

Accommodation & room rates
Applies to the period Friday - Sunday

Room prices vary depending on which weekend you choose for the party. Regardless of the date, your guests receive a SEK 100 discount per room & night through a booking code from us this weekend. Provided they book Friday - Sunday.

Envelope fee for at least 80% occupied beds Friday - Sunday (> 73 beds): SEK 795

Envelope fee for 50 - 80% occupied beds Friday - Sunday: (<73 beds) SEK 995

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