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Garden courses in Åre

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Gardening courses for those who live in plant zone 7 & 8

Do you live in plant zone 7 or 8 and feel hopeless about getting your garden in order?
What works to grow up here in the north, how and when should we plant, what blooms when?
You can be calm. It is not really more difficult to create and take care of the garden up here in Norrland than it is in the south. We just need to know how!

During the spring and summer, Johanna Elmlund, who on a daily basis works as a gardener at Fävikens Egendom, will hold a number of courses here at the hotel, both for those who are absolute beginners in gardening in plant zone 7 & 8, but also courses for those of you who have a little more self-confidence but are looking to develop and learn more!



Gardening 1 day

Basic course for beginners


Plan your garden! 1 day

Inspiration and advice


Vegetable farming & herbs

2 occasions (spring & autumn)
including a study visit

My name is Johanna Elmlund, and I work as a gardener at Fävikens Egendom on weekdays, trained as a garden engineer at SLU Alnarp.

For more than 20 years I have worked in the horticultural industry with cultivation, planting, care and planning. My roots are from Småland, where I was previously responsible for the display garden at the historic Huseby Mill.

For the past 15 years, I have lived and worked in Jämtland.

My interest in cultivation and gardening is genuine, both as a profession and as a hobby. The Jämtland climate was a fun challenge when I moved up to Åre a long time ago.
We have all the possibilities up here despite short summers and cold winters.

Now I want to inspire others to start growing their garden here!

Hope we'll see each other! / Johanna

Johanna Elmlund trädgårdsmästare

Plan your garden! - February 10

Inspiration and advice, 1 day

When: February 10, 2024
Time: 10.00 – 16.00

Place: Åre Fjällsätra, hotel and restaurant in Undersåker

Award: SEK 1,700 incl. coffee and lunch

Number of participants: At least 8 - 12 people


How do you go about planning your garden? How do you place perennial plants to get a good foundation in your garden? We go through what you should think about and how do you choose plants? When in the year is it best to plant?


- How to make good plant choices

- How to build the basic structure of a garden

- Ways to an easier-to-maintain garden

- Practical planning in the garden, function

- Utilize/make use of what is already in the garden

- Natural garden, preserve or create



Simple exercises on paper! Discussions.


Take home

Inspiration and knowledge to "renovate" and plan your garden or patio.

Trädgård i Åre
Trädgårdskurs i Åre

Gardening - May 4

Basic course for beginners, 1 day

When: May 4, 2024
Time:10.00 – 16.00

Place: Åre Fjällsätra, hotel and restaurant in Undersåker

Award: SEK 1,700 incl. coffee and lunch

Number of participants: at least 8 - 12 people


We go through the year in the garden. How and when do we do what in our garden? How to take care of your garden on a basic level, tips and tricks for better success.


- Seed sowing and how to propagate cuttings

- Compost, plant and care

- Care/establishment of grass/meadow

- How to compose and create a sustainable perennial discount

- Fertilization/ watering

- Easier pruning

- Summer flowers / perennials



Practically trying out how to sow/school indoors to later plant out at home. How to take cuttings or divide perennial plants.


Take home

Inspiration, knowledge and contacts. Small plants, which we planted and planted.

Konferenssal Välliste

Trädgårdskurser hotell åre fjällsätra

Vegetable farming & herbs
March 9 & August 31


På grund av för få anmälda. Men vi återkommer med förlsag på nytt upplägg snart!

2 occasions including 1 study visit

When: March 9 & 31 August 2024
Time: 10.00 – 16.00

Place: Åre Fjällsätra, hotel and restaurant in Undersåker

Occasion 1, Theory.

Occasion 2, Theory morning, and afternoon study visit at Huså farm. (Carpooling)

Award: SEK 2,800 incl. coffee and lunch on both course occasions

Number of participants: At least 8 - 12 people


We go through how to go about growing your own vegetables.
From sowing to harvest. Tips and tricks.

What should you consider when growing in a mountain climate? What vegetables and herbs work well here? Why is it often profitable to grow indoors and plant outside?


- Which vegetables/herbs thrive here?

- Sowing/planting

- Fertilization/watering

- Cultivation tricks

- Do you really need a greenhouse?

- Plant protection



We sow and train seedlings. On the second occasion, we go and visit Huså Gårdsbruk, a larger farm on the other side of Åreskutan, in Huså itself.


Take home

Knowledge to get started and grow your own vegetables, on a smaller scale. Small plants come home.

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