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lördag 11 november 2023

På Lördag den 11 november kör vi skidfilmspremiär, käk och gott häng på hotellet!
Tillsammans med Jackie Paaso och Reine Barkered visar vi två filmer under kvällen och serverar vrålgoda korvar från Undersåkers charkuterifabrik med spännande toppings.

Kl 17:00 öppnar dörrarna
ca kl 17:30 slår vi på första filmen, Chronoception.
Sedan tar vi paus för käk och mingel och därefter slår vi på
Here, Hold my kid som Jackie tillsammans med Elyse Saugstad & B. Colective har initierat och producerat.

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PRIS: 95 kr
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There are a thousand ways to tell a story. This one follows a different way of experiencing time, one that guides our protagonists all throughout the twenty-two day expedition in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Following in the footsteps of the country’s nomadic people and the ancient Silk Road, Thomas Delfino, Léa Klaue, and Aurélien Lardy embark on an adventure to one of the most remote and still unexplored places in Asia: the Kokshaal-Too Mountains. This dream team, with support from legendary high-mountain guides Hélias Millerioux and Jean-Yves Fredriksen, find themselves thrown into a world where Time and Space appear to stand still. There are wild animals, of course, but just as wild are the mountain landscapes and weather patterns. Time accelerates when the riders drop in and make their first turns on the other side of the world, sketching stunning lines down truly immaculate peaks. This very personal adventure ingrains Kyrgyzstan and its culture into each of their hearts.












Running Time: 54 Minutes

A ski comedy film chronicling two professional female skiers who are trying to embrace new motherhood without missing a turn in their heart-stopping athletic careers. The two women, who are competitive by nature as they’ve built their professional status on podiums and award winning film segments, can’t help but develop a competitiveness with each other in the quest to becoming “the mom that can do it all.” From the pressures we bring upon ourselves to societal expectations, the characters will come at it with a hilarious, sometimes bordering on ridiculousness, take. With babies and husbands in tow, these two mothers are taking the ski industry by storm in a way that was never quite seen before. From exhaustion to laught
er, discomfort to fun, this will be a movie to which anyone can relate regardless of their athletic prowess. The heart of this film is an homage to all the parents who have dragged their kids to the mountains “because skiing is a great way to spend time together."












Running Time: 39 Minutes
Produced by: Jackie Paaso, Elyse Saugstad & B. Colective
Directed by: Adam Gendle
Edited by: Johno Verity - Indeed Productions
Starring: Jackie Paaso, Elyse Saugstad, Cody Townsend, Reine Barkered, Leanne Pelosi, Adam Gendle, Tor Paaso & Indiana Townsend
Awards: Nominated - Best Movi
e, High Fives Film Festival


Sista anmälningsdag: Fredag 10 november

Bästa hälsningar,
Wille, My, Jackie & Reine

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