Our breakfast can be eaten in many different ways and places.
Either on the buffet as usual, or in the form of breakfast packages if you want to leave early at dawn. Breakfast can be taken either in our breakfast restaurant, by the fire or taken up to the room - or you can take your breakfast out to the greenhouse, in summer.


Our weekend breakfast includes:


Waffles with cream & jam
Homemade bread
Different kinds of toppings
Hard & boiled eggs
-Yogurt, muesli, nuts & seeds
with more!

We always serve organic coffee & tea!


Breakfast is serverd at 08:00 - 10:00
(if earlier breakfast is desired, you can order a breakfast bag the day before)


For non-overnight guests, the price is SEK 120 / person


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Are you a larger group that wants to have breakfast?
Feel free to book a table at +46 (0) 647-305 05 /